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  1. Police said the Lebanese-flagged Timex Star ran the gantlet of radar-controlled Syrian shellfire to deliver its cargo of 660,000 gallons of fuel at Jounieh, 12 miles north of Beirut.  ( Quelle: AP 1989 )

  2. The boat, ferrying passengers from the port of Jounieh to a Cyprus-bound Hovercraft, capsized when a Syrian battery fired 40 rockets into the sea.  ( Quelle: AP 1989 )

  3. Crew members said the attackers menaced the Baroness M before pumping 20 shells into it as it headed for the Lebanese port of Jounieh.  ( Quelle: AP )

  4. Police said the militia's overland supply lines were cut, but it has sea links between its headquarters in east Beirut and the ports of Byblos and Jounieh north of the capital.  ( Quelle: AP )

  5. Geagea controls Beirut harbor and the ports of Jounieh and Byblos north of the capital.  ( Quelle: AP )

  6. Hundreds more Lebanese booked passage for the three-hour ferry crossing from Larnaca, Cyprus to the Christian port of Jounieh, while others flew into the newly reopened Beirut airport.  ( Quelle: AP 1989 )

  7. The 4,000-ton Baroness M, one of two ferries that have carried 12,000 Christians to Cyprus during the fighting, anchored off Jounieh on Friday night.  ( Quelle: AP 1989 )

  8. No casualties were reported as sporadic 122mm Soviet-designed Grad rockets exploded around Jounieh, 10 miles north of Beirut, and the coastal highway running north to the ancient port of Byblos.  ( Quelle: AP 1989 )

  9. The captain of a Norwegian hovercraft that sails daily between Cyprus and Lebanon said Syrian gunners tried to sink the vessel when they fired dozens of rockets into the sea off the Lebanese Christian port of Jounieh.  ( Quelle: AP 1989 )

  10. Walid Barake, another of the Lebanese on the Larnaca Rose, said he spent several hours hiding from the bombardment in a casino basement in Jounieh before they managed to get to the ferry.  ( Quelle: AP 1989 )